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What our delegates are saying about us

News published on: October 17, 2019

Take a look at some impressions from those who have already been at the BIO Latin America Conference and find out how the Conference is contributing to the Life Sciences sector and Latin American market development.


“I am very grateful for the invitation to participate in this important event for Latin America, it was an honor for me. I hope I have contributed to the discussion of some of the most relevant biotechnology topics for the region. It was my first BIO and I hope it is not the last! Congratulations on the organization, excellent!” 

Pablo Matar | Scientific Researcher | CONICET – Argentina | 2019


“It was my pleasure to be an active participant at the BIO Latin America Conference. I would like to thank (…) the whole BIO and Biominas team for organizing such a great event. I really enjoyed it. Well done! (…) I hope to see you all next year at another successful Conference.”

Grega Kumer | Head of Government Relations | IFPMA | 2019


“I am grateful for the invitation, as well as for the opportunity to participate and collaborate with the initiatives of Biominas and BIO, in an event of such magnitude as the BIO Latin America! (…) I congratulate you on the organization, attention to detail, zealous programming and care with the attendees. (…) The headsets make it easy to communicate in and around the auditorium. The 30-minute partnering meetings are excellent opportunities to meet interesting people and mutual synergy projects. All in all, I only have compliments!” 

Alex Liberati | Commercial Leader & Co-Founder | ALBA Sensors and Diagnostics | 2019


“Congratulations for this great Conference. We were honored to sponsor and to be part of this great success. Count on us for next editions.” 

Norton Oliveira | Senior Vice President & Head of Latin America | Alnylam Pharmaceuticals | 2019


“My first BIO was really worth it! The technical background from the professionals over there exceeded my expectations.” 

Gabriel De Jong | Patent Analyst | Fiocruz | 2019


“BIO is the best Biotech conference in LATAM. The connections and meetings were awesome. We expect to be able to participate on the next BIO conference.” 

Higor Falcão | CEO and Co-founder | APTAH Bioinformática | 2019


“The event is always an excellent opportunity to interact with other people, startups and companies. I heard great presentations! It’s a fantastic event!”

Felipe Teixeira | Legal Director | Syngenta | 2018


“I think that it has been a great, tremendous conference. A great place to have industry, government biotech’s, private and public sector come all together to talk about the latest innovation in biotechnology and the future of medicine and healthcare. It is a very exciting conference.”

Om Arora | LatAm Regional Head | Pfizer | 2018


“Well, I think it’s a great event. Very pleased with the people that it’s gathered, the quality of the presenters and the quality of the audience.”

Evelyne Rodríguez | Regional Director LATAM | ProMéxico | 2018


“BIO is the largest biotechnology event in the World and the Latin American version hosted in Brazil in partnership with Biominas is very important so that we can bring to Brazil everything that is happening in biotechnology in the World.”

Marco Fireman | Secretary of Science, Technology and Strategic Inputs | Brazilian Ministry of Health | 2018


“The event is very interesting, the methodology that is being presented in forums and debates is very rich. I believe that it proves for Brazil the capacity we have to make technically very relevant events, not only for the specialized technical public, for the industry and for those who regulate these products, but also for the citizens.”

Renato Porto | Director | Anvisa | 2018



“The edition of the conference in Latin America is important for Brazil because it brings sectors such as the pharmaceutical, agroindustry, industrial biotechnology, with specific applications of biotechnology to these economic sectors.”

Rafael Moreira | Secretary of Innovation and New Business | Brazilian Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services | 2018


“It has been an amazing experience; you have the opportunity to interact with people from all the industry. It has been really good.”

Daniel Dominguez | General Coordinator | AllBiotech | 2018


“The expectation about the event was very high and the result has been very good. We are having the opportunity to learn a lot.”

Rafael Paganotti | Analyst – Department of Health and Quality of Life | FINEP | 2018


“BIO Latin America has a very important presence in which it tries to promote biotechnology not only in commercial and regulatory aspects, but also in the area of ​​intellectual property.”

Gabriel Di Blasi | Managing Partner | Di Blasi, Parente & Associados | 2018


“The event, like all the years in which I participated, has responded to expectations, bringing high-level discussions with professionals from the private industry and the public sector, both from Brazil and internationally. It has been an important public health discussion for Brazil.”

Rodrigo Silvestre | Industrial Director | TECPAR | 2018


“The event is a great opportunity not only to meet but to present to the stakeholders of the Brazilian innovation ecosystem, and also to understand how we as a company can offer our innovation program.”

Rodrigo Rodrigues | Innovation Manager | Janssen | 2018


“The event provided a very cool experience for the participants because it was a mixed opportunity. I was able to participate as a listener at discussions talks and also engaged in one-on-one meetings. It was a very rich experience and we left here learning many things.”

Marco Billi | M&A and Corporate Venture | Eurofarma | 2018


“It has been a pleasure to meet you again at the BIO Latin America last week. I would thank you for the very good organization and interesting one-to-one.”

Antonino Di Nicolò | Business Development and Marketing Director Latin America | Ferring Pharmaceuticals | 2016


“The event was dynamic and the discussions were of extreme relevance. Speakers presented extensive knowledge and mastery over the subjects. The strong participation of regulatory agencies reinforces the importance of the event. Congratulations!”

Marité Prieto | Director of Regulatory Affairs | Amgen | 2016


“BIO Latin America 2016 was undoubtedly a major event for the biotechnology industry, bringing together several experts and promoting a robust discussion on the subject.”

Paula Carneiro | Director | Céleres | 2016


“I thank you for the opportunity to participate actively in an event as important as the BIO Latin America. I think the panel discussion on ‘Challenges of the Genomic Medicines’ was quite current and brought relevant considerations to the audience.”

Patricia Munerato | Executive Director, Genetic Science and Clinical Division | Thermo Fisher Scientific | 2016


“Thank you for the opportunity to attend. The event is excellent not only in content and speakers, but also in organization.” 

Claudio Terra | Director of Innovation and Knowledge Management | Hospital Albert Einstein | 2016


“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the BIO Latin America 2015. We evaluate the event as one of excellent quality. Congratulations! We wish even more success in the coming years and we hope to continue to participate.”

Luiz Augusto Pinto | CTO | BIOAPTUS | 2015


It was a pleasure to represent the Brazilian Patent Office (INPI) at an event of the magnitude of the BIO Latin America.

Liane Lage | Patent Deputy Director | Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial – INPI | 2015


“Congratulations for the beautiful programming and professionalism. It’s great to see young and competent people organizing an important event such as the BIO Latin America.”

Denise Ferreira | Country Manager, Brazil | Chemical Abstracts Service | 2015


“Along with sending you my greetings, I’m writing to congratulate you on the organization of the BIO Latin America. The truth is that everything was very well executed and it was easily noticeable the care with every detail. Thank you very much for the invitation and I hope that next year everything will come out even better.”

Catalina Valencia | Coordinadora de Medios Sociales | Redbionova | 2014


“This first BIO Latin America conference was a very successful event, and I liked especially the lively discussion we had in our regulatory session panel.”

Andreas Baumann | Director | Bayer Healthcare | 2014


“I am writing to congratulate you on the excellent organization, audience mobilization and discussion of strategic themes at the BLA 2014.”

Eduardo Rezende | Especialista em Projetos Internacionais | ABDI | 2014



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