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Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be investigated directly in patient exhaled air, feces, urine or bacterial culture media. Thus, monitoring the release of specific VOCs might be used as potential rapid noninvasive assay for diagnosis of pathogen infection and guiding for antibiotic resistance. The major aim of the VOLATILE biotech project is to identify the production of VOCs in condensate and exhaled air of cohort of UTI hospitalized patients using an established ReCIVA breath sampler (Owlstone Medical, UK) and well established gas chromatography mass spectrometry method (GC-MS QP2020 NX, Shimatzu). Along this proof-of-concept project, we will develop a suite of novel computational frameworks, integrating several metabolic modeling approaches combining microbioma, volatomic, metabolomic, and epidemiological data. In hand with these biological and mathematical approaches we hope to elucidate possible mechanisms underlying this complex interplay that determine antibiotic resistance phenotype during hospital-acquired infection, with improved cost-effectiveness when compared to existing