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Access the Report “Life Sciences in Brazil – The Impacts of Technology and Regulation”

News published on: October 7, 2019

Deloitte, Biominas Brasil and BIO have gathered to conduct a pioneering research, focused on decision-makers of the biotechnology field and related sectors in Brazil. As a result, we present here the report “Life Sciences in Brazil – The Impacts of Technology and Regulation”, which identified how the participating companies are positioning themselves in relation to the technological evolution that directly impacts all the organizations of the sector, as well as a series of emerging regulatory issues.

The results of the research were launched at the BIO Latin America 2019, that took place on September 3-4, Grand Hyatt Hotel, São Paulo/Brazil.

Key Findings

  • Innovation can go beyond competitive differentiation and regulatory compliance: it must focus on creating value for the consumer.
  • Industry leaders can accelerate change in their companies through building partnerships and developing relationships with regulators, researchers, startups, technology giants, suppliers and customers.
  • Companies of this industry are facing a more dynamic and challenging business environment. There is a signal of a greater commitment to innovation, but there is also a considerable way to go in consolidating new practices.


Access here the complete report for free, available only in Portuguese.